Stop Taking In Junk

How many people have access to you? Your attention? Your time? Your voice?

It’s important to take inventory on how much you not only consume but where you give your energy to. There are many areas you can take inventory on in your lie. I’ll highlight just 2 of them today.

What you see: What are the themes and threads in the things you see on social media, TV, magazines, etc? Do they promote the vision which you have for yourself or are they keeping you at where you’re at physically, mentally and emotionally? You have to take control of the things you see and take in. You may not have control over everything you see in any specific day but you can filter and set boundaries on many of the things you choose to look at daily.  

What you listen to: I love podcasts. Like  looooove them. I listen to business podcasts, encouraging podcasts, and yes even some podcasts that are just let’s say, gossipy. But one day I realized that there was just way too different voices and thoughts in my ears. I got so busy keeping up with podcasts that it was like I was doing it just so I could see the word ‘played’ next to it. I was passively listening. One day I narrowed down my podcasts to my top 5. Even though I still receive recommendation, I listen to an episode but I don’t subscribe unless I really see it as a benefit for my curren life and situation.

So it may be time for you to change the channel, stop listening, block that account, unfollow that person. Just set boundaries. Everyone claims they want control but can’t (or choose not to) control what we receive and take in. Stop getting mad at what you see – change what you see and work on creating an environment that mirrors the life that you’re trying to create for yourself.

What do you need to do today to clean up what’s in your vision?