Storytelling Through Music

“I want to achieve maximum quality. I don’t believe in mediocrity.”

Sam Atadoga also known as Ajofe Streetmic is a entertainment producer, performer, writer and what I call a musical renaissance man. What is exciting about Sam is his ability to hone in and focus on the process and craft of creating music. If you’re like me you may think that the music we listen to just comes together so beautifully and effortlessly. But as I learned, it takes lot of time to write, create, produce, mix, edit and more.

When he was a little boy, Sam, was always curious about how music was made and how stories were told. Sam’s music isn’t just about making people move or dance. His music is focused on telling stories, sharing experiences and driving conversation. He describes his new EP as ‘Afro Alternative.’

I met Sam through mutual university friends and over the years we have come to learn more about each other. There was a moment where I knew Sam was dedicated to his craft. I saw how he turned both his living room and bedroom into studios right when he moved into his apartment. From that moment I knew that Sam was about his art – that he was not playing around about his creative process. The first song I ever listened to by Sam was ‘Too Fine’ which I enjoy for it’s backstory, simple video concept and focus on the words. 

Listen in as Sam and I talk about storytelling, love, supportive parents, which feedback to ignore and his new EP Sweet XVI. (There’s some lost sound in some places. Don’t worry they’re short and you don’t want to miss the convo so keep listening!)

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