There’s No Success Without This One Thing

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” -Lao Tzu


Have you heard anyone (with a legitimate business) talk about being successful without stressing the importance of their journey? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t.


The connection between where you are now and where you are going, is the way you get there. That is why what you do on a daily basis is so important – because every step you make either leads you closer to where you want to go, or further from it. You may know where you want to go, where you want to be, but do you know how to get there? That’s why the journey is so important, it is your roadmap. You don’t just start driving to your destination before at least looking at the GPS to get an understanding of where you’re going.


Journey is about taking the next step even when you can’t see the full map. You cannot bypass the process if you are trying to get anywhere. There’s no way to get from Point A to Point B without moving through the process. The process will teach you about yourself, other people, and how to react in different situations.


The journey to your vision is made up of incremental goals, unique seasons, and daily choices. Don’t underestimate the progress that you make in  day or even a month. You can make very valuable step by just taking key actions every day.

What progress have you made today?