• She’ll help you grow in accordance to your goals and help keep you focused on how to achieve what you want. She’ll brainstorm ideas with you, listen to your own ideas, and connect you with resources that can help you go further in your mission.

    Mabelle, Storyteller
  • Deana is a very dynamic woman. She is brilliant, fearless, and approachable. You are inspired to take your purpose to a higher level when you are around her. She is definitely a woman I would not be surprised to see on a Forbes list someday.

    Ashley Lawyer
  • Every time we converse, Deana transfers positive vibes/energy my way. Always encouraging me and always been supportive.

    Kei-Che ASL Coach, Founder STEPS
  • Deana is a God-fearing hard working individual. She’s a leader that is not afraid to take chances but also knows when to step back and just listen. Her presence alone will brighten up a room because of her positive energy and enthusiasm.

    Naomi Entrepreneur
  • Deana is very efficient, intelligent, and extremely flexible. She does a great deal of holding herself and others accountable.

    Beulah Founder, Ezibota