You Don’t Need Motivation

Here’s the truth. I wasn’t motivated to write this post.


So why did I do it? Well, because I believe in doing what I say I will do. I believe in following through with the commitments I make to myself. It’s one of those things that seems like ‘duh of course you do what you say.’ But think about it for a few seconds – how many things did you say you were going to do last week that you haven’t done yet? I’ll wait.


If you’re being honest with yourself there are some things that you said you would do last week that you and you still have not done. Shoot, there’s probably things you said you would do in 2015, 2014, 2013 and so on that you haven’t done yet. I’m raising my hand also.


Have you ever wondered why you aren’t getting done the things you say you will? What’s stopping you? No, not who is stopping you, but what. What about YOU is stopping YOU from doing what you say you will? How many times have you broken a promise to yourself? Again, I’ll wait.


If you don’t get anything else from this post get this –  the most important commitment you have is to yourself. No, I am not saying this from a ‘me, me, me’ tone. What I’m saying is this. How committed you are to yourself is reflected in your day-to-day habits. You have to keep your promises. You have to deliver on your commitments. You have to have a plan for the things you want to do. Being committed will keep you disciplined enough to do what you have to do whether you feel motivated or inspired to do so or not.


So how do you stay your course? Here are 3 ways that have worked for me.

  • Let your vision motivate you: Motivation is great but you can’t do things only when you feel like doing them – you will never get anything done. Listen. You will stay motivated enough to do all the things you have to do.  Instead be committed and create habits which allow you to work even when you’re not motivated to do so.


  • Embrace moments of inspiration: Inspiration is great. I feed off of it also. When I am inspired, I feel a boost of energy that carries me through the task I need to do. But nothing will inspire you to do the work as much as understanding your own why. When you understand your why anything and everything can be an inspiration for you to create.


  • Plan for the next step: The first reaction when someone approaches you about  something you haven’t done is to defend yourself. You do that with yourself also. You give excuses like, “I was tired,” “I got so busy,” “I lost track of time,” and the list could go on. Own when you don’t do something and instead take the next step to get it done. .


All of the reasons excuses you’re giving yourself for not doing what you said you would do are almost worst than you just saying nothing. I love what my coach Jack A Daniels always says, “An excuse is nothing but a sophisticated lie that you secretly tell yourself and then try your best to sell to other people.”


What commitment(s) do you need to keep to yourself?