Poetry Break

People who once said “be yourself” but somewhere between ‘you’ and ‘self’ they failed to tell about the terms and conditions


Terms and conditions which only allows for marginal differences


The ‘you’ which society accepts and the ‘self’ which one will forever struggle with because of wanting to be socially accepted by a society that does not accept


People. Those who shut down individuality are the lost ones

Brainwashed to what is mainstream, they only know how to tear down. They can’t accept you because they don’t accept themselves.



Wanting you to be your true self as long as it doesn’t coincide with the idea of what is seen as normal. Trying to find an identity that depends so much on a corrupt social structure


A social structure which claims to accept differences, but looks down on even uncontrollable things such as race


Because we all yearn for acceptance. We all want to satisfy someone. Make someone proud. Have someone look up to us


Wanting acceptance from those who don’t really matter and those who will never accept us anyways


The hardest thing to do is to accept ourselves, all parts, especially the hidden ones


The dark parts that have seeped into a iron caged subconscious


Start there.


Battle with the ego. Tear yourself down until you are at the core, where the key to internal peace is sure to be found


And there you can see you were actually accepted all along

Between you and God who else can love you more?


A peace where love for oneself overpowers all others

A peace knowing you were always an original, always have known your true self


A true individual who just happened to get lost in a social disguise

Hear me recite it here.