5 Ways To Declutter

I like to think I am pretty organized. I’m not a super neat freak but I do like to have things in the right place the majority of the time.

As many thing in life though, sometimes I notice that there are too many papers on my desk, too many book laying around, too many dirty clothes, and too many things out of place. That’s when I know I need to get myself and my surroundings together to function better in my space.

“Clutter is symptomatic of delayed decision making.” – Cynthia Kyriazis

Here are some things I declutter when I am feeling stuck, stuffy and in need of a good refresh.

  • Bedside. I normally like to keep my bible, a book I am reading and an essential oil by my bedside. When I start to have too many things that is usually the first place that I start. Whatever wrappers, finished books, unnecessary papers that are there are put back into where they should be.
  • Laundry. Am I the only one who doesn’t jump at the thought of laundry? I don’t mind washing but folding is another story. I sometimes store dry clothes in our second bedroom for … weeks (I’m only human ya’ll). So I’ll take about 45-1 folding laundry and putting everything where it’s supposed to be. This is also the time I filter through items to give away or donate.
  • Kitchen. I grew up in a household where no one went to sleep until the dishes were washed. And most the time I unconsciously follow these same rules in my own life. But sometimes a day may go by where the dishes aren’t washed. But as part of the declutter mode taking the time to clear the dishes always makes me feel better.
  • Floor. I don’t keep too many things on the floor but one thing I like to do is vacuum. There’s something about putting down vacuum powder and hearing it suck up all the dust that we cannot see with our bare eyes. It makes the air more clean to me and thus makes me feel refreshed.
  • Mind. This of course is the most important. And though I can’t fully declutter my mind in a day, taking some time to focus on it does a lot. Sometimes I do this early in the morning or on a weekend. I bring out my journal and spend time writing. Though typing is quicker and easier taking a pen out to sit and write gives me time to slow down and think through my thoughts.

I believe if we we keep clutter around it can turn into baggage which can easily turn into the things that keep us from moving forward with what we want to do.

“Later is the best friend of clutter” – Peter Walsh

So, I continue to challenge myself to make the quick decisions when they are in front of me.

Put away the shirt or drop it on the bed? Put it away.

Put the book back or drop it by my bedside? Put it in the bookshelf.

Take 10 minutes to journal or wait? Do it now.

Fold laundry now or later? La-. Fold the laundry.

Where do you start when you have to declutter?