Where is your focus?

I listened to a podcast by Myleik Teele. Which isn’t unusual for me because if you don’t already know, she’s my sister-mentor in my head. She talked about celebrating all you’ve done and not spending so much time on what you didn’t do.

I forget this ALL the time. I go and go, knock out tasks, work through classes, read books, finish projects and then at the end of the year I fall in the trap of thinking of only the things I wanted to get done but didn’t. I’m sure I’m not the only one who at times spends too much time thinking about what’s going wrong, instead of what’s going right.

So, this is a reminder to myself and maybe it can serve as a reminder to you also.

Focus on the good. Focus on what’s going right. Focus on the blessing. Focus on your heartbeat. Focus on your breathing. Focus on NOW.

Take some time for you right now. Spend 10 minutes and list out all the good you’ve done. What seems small is actually bigger than you may think. Everything you have accomplished has been good seed.

Here’s my list:

Career: traveled to 4 new states and many new cities; flew over 60K miles; got status with both Hilton and Delta; got a raise; had a good performance review; consistent mentorship

Relationship: spent 6 months in marriage prep with the hubby; planned a wedding and got married; felt closer to my parents and siblings than I ever have before; prayed more for my friends; gave less advice and just listened, forgave quicker, assumed less.

Personal development: recorded 25 podcasts (first-time podcaster, woot woot!); interviewed 5 guests; 1K1day with Nicole Walters; read over 50 books.

Physical: Generally good health for myself and my family, worked out more times in the morning than the year before; cooked healthier meals.

Financial: paid bills on time; continued to put into 401k; budgeted for wedding expenses; tithed.

Spiritual: more consistency with going to church; completed 38 bible app reading plans; read the bible more; spent more time in quiet and reflection throughout the year; journaled.

Okay, don’t forget to write your list. Share it with me. I would love to celebrate with you on your accomplishments. 

If you haven’t heard it yet – I want to be the first to tell you. You’ve done GREAT this year! You’ve grown in the direction of your daily choices. You’ve done good work. Don’t undermine the work you’ve put in.